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Sep 14, 2015
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My second batch of soap! I made it a little complicated and added a bit of color (cinnamon infused olive oil) and scent (lavender and eucalyptus eo's).

My original plan was to just add ground oats into the batter, but I completely forgot (so it goes) and added some plain whole oats on top.

Also not sure if the small percentage of castor did anything. I realized I only had a 2oz bottle of it and didn't want to use it all up in one batch.

Cuts are a little uneven as well, since I can't cut a straight line to save my life (think I need to invest in a ruler, at least).

21% CO
55% Lard
22% OO
2% Castor

I think it came out great though. :)

Those are some neat soaps! Lovely. I love how rolled oats adhered nicely to the top. :)
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I love the brown from the cinnamon infused oil! I have to try that :) That's much prettier than my second batch (or third or fourth) - I made straight up plain old unscented uncolored white soap for the first year.
Nice looking soap. I finally bought a cheese cutter...the type that is attached to a cutting board. I made a mark for the width I want and just line up on that mark and cut. No more bars that are thicker on one end or lopsided looking.

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