Rose Clay and Essential Oils

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Dec 26, 2022
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Reidsville, NC
Hello, this is my first post, besides my introductory post, so I hope I do this right, lol ( post moved)

I make cold and hot process soaps and I use essential oils for the scents. I want to make a soap with rose clay so it will be pink or maybe even have a pink swirl. Anyway, I'm curious of what scent would go well with pink soap. Does anyone have any ideas?
@AmandaPayne do you like/have florals? Geranium, palmarosa and ylang ylang all hold up well in cp soap although the last two cause acceleration in my recipes. The citrus eos are another option, but they tend to fade quickly. has blends that many like. You can check out the reviews in this thread for ideas. If you like a bit of spice and patchouli, I like the blend Rocker on that site.

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