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Apr 7, 2015
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Hudson Vally NY
So i went to my local Adams Farm. and purchased some Suet.
I was told it would take 5 hours ? However my tallow was rendered in an hour. The beef came from Grass Feed Cows.

Any one Else experience this with grass fed cow suet
I got some minced at the butchers and it melted really quickly and completely in the crock pot. Next batch I cut by hand and was there all night!!!!

Definately getting it minced/ground the next time (when I eventually run out)
Yes! I started using clean white ground grass fed fat. It rendered in 30-45 mins! Little smell. Then I tried rendering large chunks and it smelt awful and took forever! I will never do that again!

Has anyone ever burnt their fat? The other night I put some thawed out fat in a large stock pot and turned my electric stove on low/2. I then went to put my son to bed and it took longer than I expected (I'll never do that again) I forgot how fast it would melt! So I started to smell this awful smell and ran down stairs and took the pot outside. It was so gross. I let it cool a bit, as it had been boiling, and then strained it with cheesecloth and let it all cool. I had to scrape out the meat bits that were stuck to the pan. Now that the tallow is rendered, it smells stronger than it normally does. It smells a bit like the burnt meat bits. Should I worry? Still use it in soap? Or try the wet rendering method to "clean" it?
If it still smells strong, you can water bathe it..adding some salt will work out the impurities, and you can use baking 'soda', {sodium bicarbonate} not powder ;) that will help remove the smell. Depending on how white you want it, and how strong the smell is will determine how many water baths you feel like doing.

I only have to do one water bath to mine since I make sure there are 'no' meat bits left before I render in my elec. skillet..I have tallow that I didn't even do a water bath on and there is absolutely no smell to it...just depends on your preferences really.
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I have 94.5 oz of rendered fat. How much water, salt, and baking soda do I add? I've read the other posts about how to do the process, but was always confused about how much to add?

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