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Dec 24, 2017
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I made this soap a few months ago and am still stumped. I used Coconut Cream FO from BB and added a little TD because I know it will discolor slightly.
When I finished pouring the soap, I noticed a reddish tint to the batter. Very slight, but noticeable. The only thing I could think is that maybe I had some red batter stuck in the shaft of my SB from a previous batch; however, that didn’t explain the color only showing itself on the top of the soap loaf.
I don’t have the exact recipe right here with me but I know it was lard, OO, CO, PKO, SB, and castor. I have added a picture of it fresh cut and a picture weeks into cure. The soap is fine…no issues with it. Just curious if anyone has any insight. I actually thought of @KiwiMoose when it happened-“sometimes soap do what soap do”🤣🤣
I agree with Kiwi. The outer rind is the final color that the entire soap will be.

It's not necessarily related to the soap gelling, however. I also know some fragrance cause this, but fragrance isn't the only trigger. The rind is just a reaction from exposure to air and possibly from the drop in moisture content.

If you split a bar open after the outer color has stabilized and the soap is cured, you'll probably find the center is still the original pale color. If you leave the split bar open to the air, those lighter-colored surfaces will darken too.

I've seen this when I've used cocoa as a colorant -- the soap starts out the color of pale chocolate milk, then it develops a dark rind, and eventually turns completely into a semisweet chocolate color.
There have been times I have had soaps that contain lard turn pinkish when used with a couple of my fragrances.
Same here; I've always thought it was the BHT or other additives that might be reacting, but 🤷‍♀️

CO can occasionally turn pinkish for no obvious reason, as well. But my money is usually on the FO, because to loosely quote @KiwiMoose: FO do what FO do. :)
Now that I think back I have one salt bar that would do the same thing so it has to be the fo in that one. Which was either Salty Mariner or Salty Sea Air FO. Sorry, I do not remember which Fo, but I do not use lard in my salt bars, but I do remember the salty fragranced salt bars would get the pinkish rind.

Sometimes you just cannot outguess what soap is going to do. I always say, "soap will do what it wants to do."

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