Rebatching comercial, unused soap

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Jun 11, 2008
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I have a strange question for you all.

Besides soapmaking, onde of my hobbies is shooting. One of the fun things to do with guns, is to test shooting something hard and see the results, penetration, etc, to compare ammunitions. Police laboratories use an expensive gelatin made for that... yes, you guessed, I use soap bars. A row of cheap soap bars.

I really would like to reuse that soap for this several times, by melting it and molding again. I tried some method I used to rebatch fresh homemade soap, but no luck, I get two different layers on the mold, one hard, one soft. I could not find any info on this either.

Any ideas on how to do that?

I don't know how you could re-mold it, but you can use it in laundry detergent. You could even conserve by using half a bar instead of a whole one.
I can tell you what not to do w/ a commercial soap bar. Do not try to melt it in the microwave. Just for fun. search that on utube. Copmmercial soap in the microwave will foam up so big it may pop the door off your unit :shock: :lol: .