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I have only researched, not tried myself, but apparently the raw is better on your skin but has a smell that is not easy to cover up.
I guess i've never paid much attention to the names of shea butter unless it says unrefined, refined or ultra refined. Is that what your talking about.

If so the unrefined is the higher quality product, yes it does have a slight odor to it, but it also contains the skin healing properties in it. But I find the odor doesn't stick around long in unscented products, and don't have a problem with the scent when I use it in scented products.

The refined and ultra refined are whiter in color and don't have the odor but they also do NOT have the same skin healing properties. So if your looking for the benefits of the skin healing properties, then don't use the refined or the ultra refined. Although they are cheaper, but they are a lesser quality product as well.

Yes it is a bit on the greasy side, but it does absorb quickly as well.

I personally like to mix 1/2 unrefined shea butter and 1/2 mango butter with my recipes. Because I like the benefits of both butters. But then that is just me.

hope that helps a little bit,

as far as being non-comedogenic, I have no clue, have you tried to google this to see if it is or isn't?

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