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I have a simple yet, complicated question to ask you all.

I was sitting in bed, and I am revamping my business. I told myself... "Wow I have a lot to do"

Something dawned on me...

Here is the question...

"If your soaps, candles, or B&B items were sitting next to 10 other companies... what makes yours difference, or stand out?"

Why should a customer pick yours over theres? I mean.. hell .. we all do "Handmade, etc etc"

Just a thought.. and interesting question.
I think your packageing sells your item the first time, that is why it is so important to brand yourself, but the contents & customer service needs to bring them back.
I agree with Tab 100%. People buy with their eyes first. You can take someone who uses the exact same recipe, and how the soap looks, I mean the bar itself, the wrapping, the presentation. I do not have nice enough packaging. That is the first thing I'm working on this new year.
I admire both you guys packaging, very nice, kudos to the both of you! I make good soaps and lotions, and body butters, but really not nice wrapping or presentation. Definitely need to work on this. :roll:

Paul... :wink:
I am with ya there Paul! I need to work on my presentation as well! Um....thanks Shan for the motivation to get my creative side awake!
I read an article on marketing once and the authour had good advice. What would make you buy your product. The packaging? What about the packaging? The selection? What else makes you want to buy something? Market your prouduct like you would market to yourself. That works with dealing with customers. How do you want to be handled? Do you want someone to acknowledge you right away when you go to a booth or do you want some space to browse first?

This has helped me quite a bit in the past.
I can understand the packaging.. but you can only package soaps so many ways..

Do you know how much money and time I spend wrapping soap :shock:

I went into the Natual CO-OP store.. and I looked at the rows and rows of soap..

and they all pretty much looked the same.

A Box
Naked with a bar code stuck on the back
A Basic Wrap of a paper label

I mean when I look at mine soaps... I keep asking myself. What the Sales Rep just asked me..

What makes your soap so different from everyone elses...

Is packaging the only thing we all can go on now?

I mean I was including affirmations on my soaps and products.. but I think I am going to have an issue with "copyright infringment" or something in that area.
I dont want to run into that down the line.

I am just pondering something unique.. everyone needs a spark..
I find that where something is made can become a definite asset to a business. For instance, do you live in the country? If so, incorporate that aspect in the selling points such as made with .... milk, etc. from our farm, etc. Mountains? Incorporate something unique to those mountains. The same applies to any state. What do you have available to you that someone else in another state does not have readily available? Can you work in into your product line somehow? How inviting and unique can you make that product appear using these stategies? The sky is the limit. :wink: