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Jan 2, 2008
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I'm new to cp soapmaking. I use natural ingredients and EOs and herbs. I have smelled similar soap (that do not have fragrances) and they are so much stronger smelling than mine. I'm wondering how to get a strong smell from cp soap without using FOs. I'm also wondering what you use as your percentage for EOs in your batch.


Hi Jennifer! I use more FO's than EO's. When I do use EO's I only use at a rate of 1/2 ounce PPO. I do use Patchouli as an anchoring scent to help pull the scents out in the bar. Others use other anchoring EO's or powders. I think some may use baking soda to anchor their scents in their soaps.

Paul :wink:
Questions on scents EO and herbs

How is baking soda used to anchor scents in CP soap?
I thought some of my bars were losing scent... They had cured for about three weeks and the scent had faded...To check how soft the centers were, I sliced one in half and *POW* the scent was still all tucked inside! I use EOs at about .7oz per pound.

What is this about baking soda? I have never heard this before??
Questions on scents EO and herbs

Oh please....can someone chime in here and tell us how baking soda can help us anchor our scents in CP?
Maybe if you re-title the post it will get more views? I really want to know about this "anchoring"!
Questions on scents EO and herbs

Ok...I'll give it a try...I really want to know about this.
I have heard about using arrowroot powder to anchor. I use EOs and have tried it, but have not noticed a measurable difference.

One thing I have noticed -- I am always worried about the fragrance being weak, and whenever I think they are not strong enough, someone smelling them says, "Wow! They smell so amazing!". I get a bit desensitized to the power of a good EO.

I've never heard of using backing soda to anchor scents - if anything, the baking soda will lower the Ph of the soap. To anchor scents you can use patchouli and litsea. Litsea is good to use when working with citrus scents. Citrus scents tend to fade and the litsea can help with that.

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