Question about my 50/50 Lye Solution with Aloe Vera Juice

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Oct 13, 2007
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Panama City, FL
Earlier I made my first 50/50 lye solution using Aloe Vera Juice for the water.

Changed color, which I expected......but....

There is about a 1/4 layer of a foamy type substance on top of the mixture? When stirring it does not incorporate back in, it comes back to the top.

Is this normal? Did I do something wrong?


hmmm i never has this problem. I say scrap it out and make soap without the layer of foam.
I have no idea what the foamy stuff is or how I could have messed it up, lol!

50% Lye, 50% aloe vera juice. Mix. Wait. And I got foam :roll:

Thanks for the suggestion/help!!!

Question about 50/50 solution

Mine does the same thing when I only use aloe vera juice. I have it happen just about every time. I'd go ahead and use it.
Re: Question about 50/50 solution

chlobue said:
Mine does the same thing when I only use aloe vera juice. I have it happen just about every time. I'd go ahead and use it.

Was I needing to add something other than just aloe vera juice? If I use it, do I stir to incorporate the "foam" back into it or not?

Mine does that some times, not all the times and I have yet to figure it out. When I go to use it I just strain it out and all is fine. Has not messed up one of my batches yet.
I get that too... I think it happens when the aloe vera juice is very pure and contains some of the gel from the plant in more concentrations...happens to me all the time when I try to mix in pure gel from a fresh plant...Id just use it, I dont think itll hurt, but then again Im not an expert on aloe vera....paul where are you!??!?!
Interesting.......this is just the stuff from Wally......

yeah, PAUL where are you! (not that I don't appreciate everyones responses)

To strain, or not to strain, that is the question lol


leave out the gunk or leave out the strainin' ? lol

At least I know this as happened to someone else besides me! :cry:

Sometimes aloe juice has other ingredients in very small amounts (citric acid, potassium sorbate, etc.) it could have something to do with that, as well.
i been making soap for 8 years now. As long as I know, when I use Aloe Juice...not all my batches.

I stir slow and also i cool mine to room temp. I dont get foam. A little bit of bubbles thats it.

I do not think it will hurt the soap. Just remove the foam and use the liquid. It just like Root Beer.

Im not Paul, but I been soaping long enough to know.
Foam or no 1st batch of Gm soap is looking wonderful....

thanks to all of you for sharing your experience and knowledge

Several of my last AVJ batches did that neat trick... I noticed it happened more when I more or less incorporated the lye very fast - stired a bit and walked away... that is when I noticed the scum. It was not too bad.

I also have not tried the wally world AVJ - mine is clear. I wonder if that matters? Anywho - I have not found it affecting my soap in the end.

:) Cheers!
Well I have been doing this 50% lye solution thing for over a year now. 8) I do occasionally get a bit of foam on top, but not much. I mix well, let sit for about 30 minutes then pour into my larger storage container that holds my 50% lye mixture. Since it is at room temp when I soap, I have never had any foam come out of my big bottle of premixed lye/aloe vera solution. I think it is simply a reaction to the heat caused by adding the lye, and when it cools, it condenses back into the liquid, never to reappear! :wink: :lol: I generally keep at least 1/2 to 1-1/2 gallons made up at any one time.

Paul :wink:
Maybe I added the lye too fast, or stirred too vigorously or something? :shock:

Oh well, what's done is done. I am SO thrilled to have finally made GM soap!
I was so intimidated making milk soaps after reading all the stories about it...but this was easy-peasy!

From the moment I tried it, I really liked doing RTCP. Now I love having the lye solution premade. It makes soaping so much more fun! Thanks Paul for sharing your method!