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Jan 21, 2008
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Ok Here goes i am dipping my feet into the world of soapmaking ,i have a few simple milled soaps i want to try and they call for palm oil ,now i no i can order it online but i have looked for it at many of my local grocery stores and health store and i cant find it am i missing somthing and could i use coconut oil in its place . 8)
If they call for palm kernel oil, yes sub the coconut oil. I bet they are using Palm Oil, that is a very different oil and you can't sub this for PKO or Palm Kernel Oil or Coconut Oil.

When I was impatiently waiting for my first online oil order to arrive, I found palm oil at the health food store. It was in a small tub in the baking supplies aisle. It was listed as vegetable shortening but the fine print said 100% palm oil. I am not home tonight or I would give you the actual brand name on the tub. I know that it was a white tub with a blue label. It was an expensive way to get this oil but I did get several small batches from this small tub. It made very white soap!!
I read somewhere that if you can find the large containers of frying oil - like you would use in a deep fryer - that some of them are 100% palm oil also - might the vegetable oil that someone else was talking about. Maybe at a Costco or Sam's Club?
I found it i found it
Thank you everyone i went back to the health food store and asked for shortening and there it was 100 % palm oil hidden as a cake . 8)
I found palm oil at my local Asian superstore-you could always try good stores that carry foods from Ghana as they would usually stock it too.