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May 10, 2016
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Okay, so I made gingerbread men and xmas houses and painted them with mica. They are absolutely gorgeous. However, when I try to package them or even touch them they smear and it s been two days? I did spray hairspray on them like I saw in a video but that didnt help either. How do I get them to set or dry so I can give them away?
I see all these videos on how to paint them but now how to make the colors set and dry?:confused:
What did you use to make your paint? It sounds like you used an oil which wouldn't soak into m&p (as far as I know). If you used alcohol it should have just evaporated away and not smear (as much)
I keep trying to figure out something that might help but I'm coming up blank. Hopefully someone else will be able to step in with some advice
Here they are before they smeared:(


OMG, triplemom, those are terrific! I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I don't do M&P much, and certainly not with fantastic art work! I hope someone has a solution since we have some great M&P soapers here.
Did you use the mica with 99% Isopropyl alcohol? I usually use that combo or a mix of mica and glycerin.
Oh they are sweet! Maybe making a fence with tape and pouring a thin layer of M&P over them would work?
In my opinion mica makes a horrible mess and I hate it on my washcloths. Next time color you gingerbread me with colored m&p using pipettes and brushes for coloring the recesses in the molds. Let the accent colors set up then pour a layer of color over it etc. I refuse to use mica for even accent on soaps especially since I have had customers complain about the messiness

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