Orange Wax - Anyone used it?

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I've never used it but it sounds really interesting. I'd try it in soap, maybe the scent would stick better than EO.
I've never used just the wax, but MMS carries a product called Orange Butter that I use in some of my lip balms, and orange peel wax is one of the ingredients in the butter. It lends a lovely orange flavor to my balms.

Who knows- you might be even able to make your own orange butter out of it.

IrishLass :)
I used the orange wax in lip balm a few years ago. It worked fine and the one I had you would get a bit of orange flavor. Like IL I have also used the orange butter and it is yummy. I always add in a bit of Micro TD or Zinc in the orange balms.
I read the reviews and someone said they used it in CP. I'd try it to see if it "stuck" better than regular orange oil.

Oh oops, you already said that someone posted a review. Oooooops.
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While browsing, I saw "Polawax" and immediately thought, "What you use to shine your Polabear." I am not right in the head.

That's okay. Most of us aren't.
It's overrated be right in the head.

Okay well perhaps I might purchase some and try some things out with it...

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