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How about Macadamia Nut Oil? Kukui Oil is a fantastic oil high in linoleic acid, oleic acid and in price! Mac Nut Oil is a great oil too, lots less expensive and not quite as good, but penny for penny, ounce for ounce, a better buy!

Paul.... :wink:
hmmm... mac is expnsive for me too.... is it a light oil? compared to frac coconut oil, or maybe rice bran?
S., are you wanting to use it in soap or in a leave on product like a lotion? I have a fantastic source for CHEAP but quality RBO. Let me know. I have never used FCO even in my lotions and creams. It's a great oil for leave on products though. 8)

Paul.... :wink:
I can get some cheap RBO .. its for a leave on product. I was thinking the Frac coconut will leave a faint scent, which will throw off my FO added.
Is your source on the west coast or mid point? Ordering for the East is killing me... :)

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