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Mar 11, 2008
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I've been lurking here for awhile trying to get all the info I can. But how come no one uses corn oil in their soaps? And if you have does it make a good bar??
Good Question I guess, considering it IS on the oils list for soapcalc. I've always wondered also...why is BUTTER not ever used in soapmaking? Is it because Butter is actually made from Milk and not really an oil? I felt dumb asking so I never I'll squeeze that in here... :oops:

Hopefully someone will answer the corn oil one though, I'd be very interested in hearing some thoughts on the subject....sorry I couldn't be of any help though!
that's a good question! I looked on soap calc and it is really conditioning and high in linoleic acid so did some googling....

i found some recipes and folks selling soaps made with corn oil. one company even said that they used corn oil in place of palm oil, which was a little confusing to me....but corn oil actually looks like a nice oil to use. i think i'm gonna give it a try! i'll let you know how i make out with it.
I haven't used corn oil...but i did make my first canola oil soap today (with coconut and palm kernel).....I won't say it went really well but hopefully tomorrow it will look better.

Thanks for the quick replies. I also read that one soaper used corn oil instead of palm oil to help save palm trees
Great question.....

I also would be interested to know if anybody else uses this oil in their soap as it is quiet inexpensive than other oils from what I see at my store.

One of its aspects is that it is high in moisterizing qualities.
Doing research, I came upon a list of oils & their shelf lives. I'm sorry, I don't know where it came from, but here are a few oils that are commonly used, & corn oil (at the end of the list) has a much shorter shelf life:

olive oil - 2 years
palm oil - approx 1 year
coconut oil - 1 year +
castor oil - 1 year
cocoa butter - 1 year
mango butter - 1 year
corn oil - 6 months - 1 year

That may be why it's not used often.
Corn oil is a great conditioning oil to use in your recipe. I have used it up to 15% no issues. I have read at other forums, in the past, it can make a bar soft if used over 30% though. Other that that, it is a overlooked oil IMHO! :wink: