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Mar 9, 2008
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In the 801, Utah
Hi, My name is T and I just joined the forum last week. I have been spending hours reading and learning. About 30 years ago, I saw a lady in a craft magazine surrounded by her colorful home made soaps and thought it was wonderful. I dreamed of making my own soap but believed you had to be some sort of 'chemist' to create the likes of what I saw. :(
Twenty five years later, someone listened closely to a dream of mine and bought me a book about making soap. :D I think I read the whole book in a day and a half. I now have my own business and just love learning all of the techniques that people are willing to share. OMG... I wanna do that whipped soap stuff! I , too, will be reading through the forum and absorbing as much as I can. Thank you for this wealth of information and also a little ear candy for the nosey side of my personality. :wink:

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