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Oct 31, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
Hi all! Glad to be here. I've completed two of what I hope are many batches of CP soap to come. They're curing in my basement right now. One stinks (BAD choice of EOs) , and one doesn't.

I bought 'The Soapmaker's Companion' and set out to gather everything I needed as economically as possible. Set out. A couple (few?) hundred dollars later, don't even ask me about my 37 dollar mixing bowl from Linens and Things. (!) It was big and it had a nice handle I liked. :( I don't want to talk about eBay at all.

Will look forward to getting to know everyone!
Hola onmyway, bet your bowl kicks butt! My husband is a sucker for bowls with handles -LOL!
Hi, Hi, Hi! Welcome to our "soapy" world! We are all soap addicts not in recovery! Look forward to getting to know you.

Paul... :wink:
Welcome aboard, from one newbie to another!
Everyone here learns, laughs, and, of course.. makes soap! (eventually counts)


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