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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
Yes, it is surprising! Granted, my Google searches are all in English, so my searches are probably not going to produce the most definitive results, but .... When I searched for soap makers in Mexico City or handcrafted soap makers in Mexico City, I found 2 results and those two folks were not native to Mexico, but folks who moved to Mexico from other countries. AND they were not even in the same state (I know Mexico City is actually a Federal District, much like Washington DC is for the US). Anyway one was in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and is originally from Canada, although her partner may be Mexican (I cannot discern that from their website). The other one is in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and the founder was originally from the USA.

Maybe you would have more luck than I if you use a search engine in Spanish. If that doesn't bring any helpful results, perhaps you can go to one of the local markets and look for hand crafted soaps for sale and ask for more information about the soap makers and find someone that way.


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May 15, 2018
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Well, from what I heard on tripavisor, there is a large number of expats in Vallarta, so no surprice there is someone there making soap haha. Yes I did my searches in spanish usig all the terms I could think of, from artisan soap, handmade soap and lye base soap, i limited my search to "mexico" cause otherwise i end up with results from Spain and the most I could get was two websites, both offer seminars, but both of them sell their bases, so they are not really teaching what I want to learn, they are only making melt and pour soaps. I found someone else selling soap on mercadolibre (like ebay but for latin america) but even they are based in Puebla. I am thinking I am gonna end up buying colorants and fragrance from the US cause I also looked for those and, again, I got results for melt and pour soap fragrance and colorants and a few of "micas" but when asked to the sellers they don't really know if you can use them in cp soap, or they answer sometihing along the lines of "you are gonna have to try it!" Yeah, no. I rather not.

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