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Nov 16, 2007
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Hey, I am just getting into to soap making. I had some questions about the equipment I'll be using for the soapmaking.

In the book I got on soap making it said to get a long handled wooden or plastic spoon for the lye/soap mixture in the begining. I got a long handled nylon spoon but it is blue. Will the color come out in my soap?

Also, The book suggested a 12qt plastic container with lid for making the primary mold. Can you still use this container if you have halved your solution or should you use a 6 qt container.

I know these questions may seem stupid but it would help so much if you could help me out. I want to make my mother something special for Christmas.

Hi Pluto, welcome to the forum.

No, the colour of your spoon won't come out in your soap. I use coloured plastic utensils all the time.

As for the mold, you could use the 12qt container, but the slab will be thinner by 1/2. I would recommend using the 6qt container.

If you are halving your recipe, have you run it thru a lye calculator just to double check everything? is a good calulator to use. If you make a mistake with the amount of lye that you use, you can cause problems for yourself. Too much lye will result in a soap that is caustic and dangerous to use, not enough will give you an oily, yukky mess.

However, if you run it thru the calculator to check the amounts, you will be fine. Good Luck!!
Hi Pluto and welcome.

Stick with the plastic spoon and not a wood one. Lye will in no time destroy your wood spoon and leave splinters in your solution.

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