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Nov 27, 2007
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I tried a search on rebatching and I am not finding anything real specific. Do I just melt the chopped up soap to rebatch and add the additional lye and water? Does the soap need to become smooth and fluid? At what temp would I add the additional lye/water? Thanks for any help. k
Now I'm pretty new at soaping and thought about your problem and when to add the needed lye & water.

Guess if it was my soap I would grate it, put it in a pot, add my lye/water and stir it some. Then cover & put it in the oven at 170 temp and stir every 15 minutes untill I don't get a zap on my tongue. Last stir would be to mix it good up with an egg beater then quick pour it in molds. Oven time will probably be around an hour.

It's only soap, what's the worst that could happen? It ain't right the way it is.
I don't rebatch but I am 98% sure you DO NOT add more lye. That sounds like a very dangerous idea to me.

I will do a search & see what I can find. I would hold off for just a bit before you try that.
No Lye! Just grate it up and melt it. It wont be smooth and fluid ever. If you add enough water to make it close to smooth it will be too soft. Think greasy mashed potatoes. If it is fresh you will need to add little if any liquid. Glop it in. Cut in 24 hrs. I use my food processor and it works like a charm. You will have to really "mash" it in the mold. And bang on counter/floor to get air pockets out.
Oh, so she is trying to correct a mistake, OK, I was scared there :lol: .
Thanks everyone. Paul had said to rebatch and to add the missing water/lye. Yep, they came out like mashed potatos - I put them in a pringle can and slammed it down to take out air bubbles. We shall see. Won't make this mistake again :oops:
edco, she is not doing a regular rebatch, she made a mistake the first go around & only added 1/2 the lye she needed to. That is why she is rebatching now to correct her portions. I remember now she did mention that in a different thread.
Pleased to say everything seems to be a-okay with the soap. I know it will not look as good, but it stills smells wonderful and moulded well.

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