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I have one scent from them, it is called Monkey Farts. It is wonderful, banana strawberry bubble gum I got it quickly and shipping was cheap!

I have renamed the scent tropical fruit smoothie, cuz I just can't see anyone buying a soap called Monkey Farts :shock:
I've used many of their FOs. They are good quality but as with any supplier you need to test. Have you checked out the reviews on the scent review board?

You have to sign up and login to see the reviews for each supplier I believe.
Yep I've ordered from them several times.

Their prices aren't bad, and you can really save on shipping when you purchase several items together.

Their communication is awesome when you make a purchase and they ship super fast as well.

Their scents are really good as well, I like them a lot and will be ordering more from them in the future.

I've purcahsed like 19 bottles (16oz each) of FO and shipping was only $15.23 and the other time I ordered i ordered 6 bottles (16oz each) of FO and shipping was $10.70 so they are totally honest with their shipping prices so you don't feel like your getting ripped off.

But because they ship UPS I think shipping starts out at about $9.00 so it doesn't pay to buy one or two items. But if your going to make a large purchase their shipping rocks !!!

And their scents are awesome !!!

I bought one scent, snow angels
and when I received it and I smelled it in the bottle i thought it almost smelled musty, and I didn't like it at all. So because I bought it i felt that I should use it or at least give it a try. And I did. And while I wasn't really wild about it in a CP soap, I loved it in a lotion. (In fact I liked it so much I gave my kids teachers lotion scented with it for christmas and they all loved it !) So just because you don't care for it in the bottle doesn't mean it can't smell good in a product.
Wow, thanks for all the feedback. I thought their prices were awesome and the shipping looked real good as well. I agree with you on the name of Monkey Farts, :roll: lol!! k