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true blue

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Feb 9, 2014
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OK ... so I'm looking for something natural to use to color my soap green ... not a bright or light green, but a dark 'natural-y' green color. Here's the catch, though ... something that doesn't turn brown!

Anyway - I know greens are hard to keep green without turning brown ... just wondering if anyone has found something that does the trick.


(Yes, I've searched for this online & on the board, and have come across different ideas ... I've even experimented myself somewhat, but I'm looking for someone who has actually *done* this with some success.)
I've always liked my spirulina...and I can't say I've ever smelled anything from it..its not kelp
spirulina doesn't stay green though, it fades to a brownish olive after a couple months. I really don't think there is anything natural that will stay a true green. Its the chlorophyll thats makes the green color in plants and chlorophyll will always fade.
I've had good success with powdered carrot leaves. I've just added them directly. They give me a nice medium green but speckly. I haven't tried an infusion yet but I plan to. It's been months and they are still holding their colour. Of course I don't store them in direct sunlight or anything.
I've gotten a nice green using hemp oil and French green clay. It was more olive than deep green, but it never faded.
I make different shades of green by mixing indigo (dissolved in the water before the lye) and either annatto or calendula oil infusions for the yellow. Any shade of green is possible by altering the ratios of the indigo/annatto or calendula. Anything from a lime green to forest green or teal is possible. I have not had any fading, for me they stay green for at least a year, if not more. were right...I checked my leftover shamrock soaps from St. Patrick's day....think the color of a dried out shamrock plant!

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