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Apr 9, 2016
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Well I knew it would happen eventually, but I finally made a batch where I screwed up my lye amount. I didn't catch it at first. I went to unmold my soap the day after(which I typically do) and it still felt quite soft, so I waited another day, I got it out of the mold, but still quite soft so I let it sit some more. Then I cut a bar and knew something had to be off because it was still really really soft. I used citric acid as an additive, made the lye compensation calculation and wrote that down on my Soapcalc recipe page. But of course when the time came to measure it out, I used the wrong number and shorted it.

So instead of being 6% SF, my batch is close to 12% :cry:

Can I do the old rebatch in a crockpot trick and add the forgotten lye at that point?
I think I'll hold some of it back for this since I've never done this. Thanks for the idea.
It will make a much nicer looking soap versus re-batching. I did the same as you once when not paying enough attention and ended up with a very highly superfatted charcoal soap with Camel's milk. No way was I going to re-batch a nice camel milk soap so I made confetti and not make them white with black confetti. Now I am afraid to change the way I make them because they have become regular sellers for me.

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