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Nov 29, 2007
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New Jersey
Well these are hardly the best looking photos (I'm horrible at the camera), but you can see what I've been working on for weeks now!

Hand sewn felt Valentine theme bag
10 oz Pink Sugar dup - shower gel, bubble bath
2.5 oz Pink Sugar dup - reed diffuser in frosted glass bottle
3 oz Pink Sugar dup - Bath Fizz powder
4 oz Pink Sugar dup - whipped body butter (shea, mango, sunflower)

Selling these in my beauty salon & a friends day spa for $25.

I created all the artwork & printed the waterproof labels - I'm a full-time graphic designer.

Very nice! Did you use a vanilla stabilizer for any of your products? I LOVE Pink Sugar but hate how brown it turns...

And your labels look great!
Much thanks!

If only my bath bomp cupcakes turned out right - that would have put it completely over the top!

Oh well, such is life.
Lane - I never got as far as the frosting - but the recipe called for merangue powder, powdered egg whites, powdered sugar, etc.

The bath bomb cupcakes never got solid enough to put on the frosting.
Brian- I tried Bath Bombs for the first time last night and they worked! I used a combination of Almond oil(mixed with my FO) and a tiny bit of Witch Hazel, worked well, but after I smushed the mixture into to mold, the next morning they had swelled a little, but still worked! I really want to try to cupcakes but don't want to use food based "frosting" . hmmm...
Lane - would you mind sharing your recipe? Mine didn't call for any witch hazel - just spritzes of water. Maybe that was what went wrong???

But you know what, I put some of the mixture in my bath water, and it was just fantastic!!! I used Pink Sugar from Flickers Fragrance, and wow - it was great.

I also used Sweet Almond Oil.

Glad you had success! What type of mold are you using? I have one of those meatballer things, but have not tried it yet. I put so much time into making those darn cupcakes only to have them fail on me....not fun!

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