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Aug 15, 2007
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Ottawa, Canada

I took some new pics of my soap. Thought I'd share.
You guys are so creative with the backgrounds and other stuff in the pic. I need to think more about that when I am taking pics.
Actually the background is supposed to be white, but the lighting is a little off. Although the pink works for me. I never really thought of that before. :lol:
Man, that is a great pic Pink-North! If the pic is that good, I can just imagine how your OM&H soap must be! Nice job, 8)

Paul.... :) :wink:
Thanks Paul. You're so very kind. I'm working on a lavender/vanilla swirl. I hope it turns out. When it's done I'll definately post more pics.
I need to get a camera, but anyway, here is my peppermint scented, turmeric colored soap.

That is, if it isn't too dark and blurry compared to that awesome pic that pink-north put up.

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