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Jul 8, 2015
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Lately I don't shower so much as I test, experiment, observe, and hypothesize.

I just started using the second soap I made and I noticed something that also seemed to happen with my first soap--I don't get the best lather until about the third use. I would have expected to have to work up a lather on the first use of a bar, but it seems that on the first and second use the lather is more dense and creamy, then by numer three it's a lovely mix of some fluffy bubbles and some dense and creamy. It stays that way after that. (Recipe attached, I added reg granulated sugar at 2tbs ppo, scented with lavender and lemongrass eo)
It's not a problem by any means, but when I move on to gifting bars I want to explain to folks to stick with my soap through a couple of uses to experience it at its best.

I'm super happy with the soap, btw and I have to thank you all for suggesting adding sugar to my lye water--this made a huge difference in the lather!

Also--tell me about how you test your bars. I would like to know what experienced soapers look for!


Since I mostly make loaves, I cut the ends off and then cut each end into quarters. With those 8 pieces I use one piece each week to see how the soap develops over time. It's given me a real understanding of the cure and how the soap develops. It's also really interesting to see how different the different recipes can be as they develop from week to week. Kinda like watching a baby grow up...
I look for exactly what you do. Lather, scent, bubbles, how my skin feels when I get out. Soap is not just about how it looks. It is how it performs. By the way, welcome to the addiction, you two! You know you are a soaper when you spend your shower time testing soap.

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