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Mar 31, 2008
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Special thanks to IanT for answering lots of my questions.

I did a 1lb batch of 75% Olive and 25 % Coconut. At trace I added about 9g of flax oil. I don't know if that is even a significant amount but I was taking it out of some old capsules and it was taking a long time :) It came to trace really quickly. I wasn't timing but it felt like 3-4 minutes. I molded it in a little tupperware type container that Kroger puts delit meats in. I unmolded it about 20 hours later and it was a pain, next time I will definitely put some Pam or plastic wrap in there. No smellies this time, I just wanted to see if I could make it. 1 pound makes a lot more than I thought!

Wooohooooo! Congrats!!! Im glad it worked out well for you!!.... I usually line my molds with wax paper, saran would work fine too...This way you just pull it out of the mold and pull the wrap off, works quite nice!!

What gave you a tough time unmolding it..did it stick? or was it just hard to get out without a liner?

I saw a quick trace with that recipe too!! Im glad it worked out for you! the soap looks great!!

1lb is ALOT more than you think! that soap will last for a good month or two at least!!

let me know when you use it what you think!!!
Yeah it stuck like crazy! I've used a bit a few times just hand washing, I'm about to wash my face with it. I haven't really noticed much, there doesn't seem to be a very strong lather though, Ill have to have something to make more lather next time and definitely some scent.
I added a little bit of sugar to my second batch to improve lather, I think it worked nicely... the lather of the soap will also improve as it cures, so fret not it will improve with time! :) I think its one of those soaps you need to use some moisturizer with afterwards...just my opinion

yup thats why i used the wax paper!
great job on your first batch. Next time to ease it out out of the mold, put it in the freezer for a hour or two. Let it sit for 10 mins then presto,it will pop right out.
Very nice!! :D

About the capsules.....I seem to recall Paul (I think it was Paul) used a citrus or garlic press to squish capsules. Maybe that would help.