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Nov 19, 2007
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I burned up my stick mixer cord and I've just not felt like it. But I'm back on the wagon. I found some Grapeseed Oil at Kroger. So what do you think?

Lard 35%
Olive Oil 15%
Coconut Oil 20%
Caster Oil 5%
Safflower 15%
Grapeseed 10%

I'm going to make some 100% lard to make laundry soap tomorrow.

I did make some salt bars and didn't like it when I cut it but now that it has cured I REALLY like how my skin feels so smooth not squeekie. I don't remember the recipe I used on it but I do know I use vegable shortening, olive oil and coconut oil but I don't know what else I used.

Play around a little more with soapcalc. Try and get your iodine lower - good level is 41-70, a little high, may produce dos. JMHO Get your INS value close to 160, but 135 is a good nbr. Good conditions nbr. Kat