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Oct 16, 2013
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Southern Sweden
I made a slab mould out of an old key cupboard and it makes 9 perfectly sized soaps. To give it a trial run I made a multi-coloured summer soap with coconut milk. I used white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink and last but not least, green. The leftover non-gelled soap bits left on my used soap pots looked fabulous, but CPOP'ing made the soap yellow up somewhat. Not a big deal, but utterly annoying. (You know how it goes when a soap doesn't come out exactly as you want it to, right?) I did go a bit overboard with the top swirling (and perhaps also the glitter too, LOL) but sometimes I just can't leave well enough alone and this was one of those times.

PS; You can never get too much glitter, but I'm planning on planing down a few of the soaps for those BORING friends of mine who'd rather not have sparkly tops. (Understand it, if you will! LOL) It's scented with NG's Lotus Blossom.

Sorry about how dark and murky the just poured in-the-mould pic is. It was a midnight soaping session.

20140424_231551 (Small).jpg

20140430_014932 (Small).jpg

060 (Small).JPG
This soap is just a so-so soap and I didn't really want to post it, coz it's not my best work but then I thought, if I want to post soaps at all, then I gotta post the bad with the good.

You guys are all so sweet for making such nice comments about it though and it's the positive encouragement from good folks like you that makes this forum such a great place to be. Soapy folks are the just the best people. Thank you SO much.
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Fuzz-juzz, I really like this FO too. It's the first time I have used it and it's nice and light and flowery, but not in that overpowering fake perfumy sort of way. It's nice and soft, BUT... as nice as it smells, I seem to think the scent sort of changes when the soap gets wet to something a little more... earthy, maybe? Have you noticed that?
I'm not sure about Lotus blossom, Tienne, I can't fault it :)
But I've noticed that with other FOs.
I've made few batches with it and it always turnes out lovely, it moves a bit fast, so well done on making so many different colours. I usually manage two or so before soap batter goes really thick :)
Maybe my Lotus blossom is different but I'm pretty sure my supplier sells NGs FOs.
Nicely done!:)

Those soaps definitely do remind me "summer!"

Just out my curiosity, did you actually order the FO directly from NG?

Wow...Shipping cost is what I am concerned about...
Missy? :lol: Maybe you're right, CaraBou. The yellowing does seem to have faded a bit since I made it, so maybe it will fade some more. The colours were so much nicer before gelling and then it got that funky Sepia look about it. It makes the soap look old, but I'll let it do it's thing for a while and see if it improves. It's definitely not a soap I have any pride in though and having nine bars of a soap I feel no connection to is such a drag. I think it would make nice embeds though, in for example a confetti soap, so maybe I will chop up some of them up and repurpose them for that. :)

Ellacho, yes I did get the FO directly from NG and the shipping was horrendous. I bought FO's for approx 130 USD and it cost 70 USD in shipping and about 40 USD in import taxes on top of that. I try not to think of how expensive that is, but I can't get FO's anywhere here and it costs pretty much the same if I order from Germany or England. The shipping is cheaper from there, but the FO's themselves are way more expensive, so it evens out. I like that NG has such extensive info on all FOs and that is has user reviews too. That really helps guard against wasting money on FOs that behave badly and at the prices I always have to pay, I really can't afford to get stuck with dud FO's.

Fuzz-juzz, thanks for the feedback! This FO didn't move particular fast for me, though. I've had worse. I've been really unlucky in the past and gotten stuck with some FO's that are really heavy tracers, so I have gotten used to having to move fast. I soaped at RT and it wasn't until the last pours that it got a bit gloopy. If I tried it again with just 5 colours, then I think I would have time to be able to make a top that was a little more flowing and not so compact looking. I think the soap would look much prettier and be less "busy" with fewer colours too.
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Soap looks awesome with all those colours, I love the glittered top. Arrgh to shipping I hear you on the postage bit and it seems to keep going up and up :(. I think I so need to live in the USA as I buy so many crafting goods from there aside from my soaping oils. My dream would be to own a crafting studio and import big crates of all the goodies I love and sell them on after I have ooooed and rrrrrred over them of course :)
*Facepalm*!! It just hit me what the yellowing is about. It's a coconut milk soap and I CPOP'ed it! Doh!! :oops:

The lesson this soap has taught me? Never ever make soap after attending a wine tasting event. :crazy:
You're too kind, AcornSky. Thank you. :)

It was my birthday too that day and I think we might have celebrated just a little too much at the event. LOL If I had stuck to the tried and true maybe the outcome would have been better, but being a little tipsy probably isn't the best (nor the safest) ingredient, when you're trying out a new mould, a new scent and a new recipe. Now I have 9 chunky funky sepia bars to prove it. LOL I should have known better than to CPOP a milk soap, but the thought didn't even cross my mind while I was at it. I was too busy playing music, singing along, throwing glitter all over the place and having a whale of time! Well, done is done. At least I had fun. :lol: