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heart of dixie soap co

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Jul 31, 2008
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guntersville, al
i couldnt stand it, i'm playing with soap calc. have a bunch of hard butters i need to use. no more freezer space!

plz tell me what you think:

30% olive
28% coconut
21% palm kernel
7% cocobutter
7% mango
7% castor

1 oz shea oil at trace

33% lye souoution.

ins 170

i this okay? i need a pretty hard bar because i'm pouring into individual silicone flower molds.
If you have oily skin that is a great recipe. With CO and PKO being cleansing oils and you are using 49% with the two combined. Most people don't go over 25 - 30%. But if you use a high superfat or if you have a reason for wanting it to be that cleansing...then it's a good recipe.

Do you have Palm? That is a hard oil. You could use some of that as a substitute. :) :) Good Luck. It is fun trying to come up with your own recipe but a little stressful working it out sometimes.

soap receipe

results from soap adventure:

using 48 oz oil-no fragrance, initiated batch at 110 degrees. only hand stirring i reached thick trace in 7 minutes!! it thickened so fast i poured it into my back-up slab mold, not daring to try my little molds. heated up fast. unmolded the next am. firm and easy to cut.

i used 8% lye discount.

i think i should increase olive oil to maybe 50%, and like you said, lower pko.

this was my first soapcalc receipe. i see that you can't always go by the numbers!

thanks for the help,