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One a day-to-day basis.. and life is taking a toll on you.

What do you do to keep you uplifted and motivated?
Spend time with my horses. Especially grooming. They enjoy it and since it's physical work, it eases frustration as well.
I listen to music and play with my children. They always make me feel better.
It always helps me to take a break and do something to help me take my mind of things. Take a yoga class. Go for a hike. Take my dog to the park. Just a change of routine helps me recharge.

When i feel like I'm getting into a rut I plan a little weekend trip. Just a small camping trip or a weekend stay in a nearby city. It helps give my mind and body a break then I can return with the motivation and energy i need.
Some days I just need a good cry. Then I wash my face, turn on Dean Martin and dance around my kitchen. It takes away some of my stress so I don't lose it with the Mr. It makes me feel lighter. Its that or the shooting range!
Um...WOW Dancing or the shooting range, I think we have picked up a psycho here kids! Shhhh don't tell her I said that....she might dance over and shoot me :)

Just a little Friday Humor :lol:
Hey, what can I say? My Dad does cowboy re-enactments and my Mom listens to jazz and show tunes. And by shooting range I do mean beer cans on my porch railing! Just kidding... Happy Friday!!!
Forgot about shooting! That's one of my husband's "releases", 100+ rounds though his .9 mm!

I've tried shooting (got the target holder on my first try! ;) ), but I prefer bow & arrow. Target only, I like my deer to keep visiting our property.
art, when I'm feeling stressed I will either go throw paint at a canvas or pound on clay. That's very physical and gets rid of pent up anything. :lol:

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