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Feb 18, 2008
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If you were going to make the most expensive bar of soap what would you use?

I would add silk, use virgin coconut oil, all organics..

what about you?
I think I would import Grecian olive oil from a friend I roomed with in college (his fam owns an olive orchard/processing plant), all organic, add silk as you said and I would add flax oil, jasmine EO (that stuff is expensive!!) and organic vanilla beans ground up instead of EO. those are like 5 bucks a bean! (WOW!)

I think that would do it for me...itd probably cost a bit per bar....

just curious but why do you ask!? just for sgiggles??

pomegranite oil and rose EO... and Since it is the most expesive in the world, I would also use 24k Gold leaf paint to paint a beautiful rose bush on the bar of soap
Off the top of my head, I would use any of these and have with some: Dead sea mud, manoi oil, emu oil chamomile eo, cranberry seed oil, hemp oil, coffee butter, kokum butter

It does not take a lot of silk in soap and an oz of silk lasts forever and it is pretty cheap. So I myself would not consider silk to be an expensive item in soap. It makes a nice bar of soap though. :)
wow - a lot of great replies..

I was thinking about silver as an anti-biotic - has anyone used it?
look at the thread about colloidal silver...not sure what it would do in a soap but i wouldnt ingest too much of it because its a heavy metal ;)
you said most expensive so....

a part of a new home

Im being sarcastic.. but prices sure have gotten crazy in the last
couple years on everything. I really don't know what poor
people are going to do.
haha refer to the "what we used to eat when we were kids" thread in the general chat... time to go back to hunter-gatherer style (that way its all free) long as your not in a poluted area (hijack over..sorry!)
Wow, ok changed my mind...was doing some research, these prices are for 1lb...I would add these EO's

Rose Otto oil, Bulgaria Rosa damascena Mill. (4 culti... $3999.66 )

Melissa oil, ECOCERT, France Melissa officinalis L., fam.... $2135.38

Helichrysum oil, ECOCERT, Co... Helichrysum italicum G. Don (... $3995.40

Cannabis (Hemp) oil Cannabis sativa L., fam. Cann... $1253.65


WOW does anyone even buy that stuff!!!! If you worked it out it would probably cost like $10-15/drop or something !!
Oh let me just tell ya!! I would go all "Fight Club" and sell their fat asses back to them! So human fat would be in my soap! ew ew ew

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