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Jan 25, 2008
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I wanted to find some freezer/butcher paper to line a mold with. So, I checked with Walmart, my local grocery stores, Fred's, Dollar General, and Rural King. None of them carry freezer papaer!! :evil: :evil: I have no meat packing houses close to me. And, the two grocery stores here no longer use butcher paper in any of their meat packing. Little of the meat packing is done locally anymore.

I have some rolls of Christmas paper that were left from past Christmases. This paper is not the thin, tear when you look at it paper. It is the thicker, heavier paper. Can I use the Christmas paper to line a mold with?? Or will the colors in the papaer cause a problem??

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you are willing to offer.

did you ask at wal-mart? we have a small wal-mart and they carry it. It's in with the paper supplies, sorta between the paper cups and the plastic bags?

Did you ask the staff?

Some grocery stores don't carry it next to the meat supplies. Both in devils lake carry it next to the meat items but then they also sell sausage making stuff. But here in my small town it's by the tin foil.

So it helps to ask.

Are you states side or Canadian (or other)

And if they don't carry it, ask if they can special order it.

I would not use anything but freezer paper just because it has the wax coating layer. Regular paper wouldn't work. I've tried wax paper and parchment paper but I can't get the tape to stick to it and I like to tape my corners. (I think wax paper was a flop) But you could use parchment paper if you just folded your corners and didn't tape them. Duct tape wouldn't even stick to parchment paper.
Robert go to Wal-Mart and buy the foam sheets in the craft area and cut to fit your mold. You can reuse it over and over by washing by hand. The foam liners simply peel off the log or slab of soap. Easy as can be. This is basically what my TOG Molds have used for over 2 years now. I use a little denser material, and am changing over to a permanent HDPE liner system. Give that a try.

Paul :wink:
I bought a pack of craft foam from Michael's and I made a liners from it. I tested it last week, it worked perfect. Like Soapmaker Man said, it is easy to clean and you can reuse it. But I haven't tested it in the oven yet.

If you really want to buy freezer paper, you can go to Target (near oil section) or Harris Teeter.
Faithy, I live in the US... in West Tennessee. Around here, freezer paper used to be more commonplace than fleas or ticks!! :lol: As a kid, I watched my mother use it to wrap all kinds of things for the freezer. I personally used several miles of the stuff to make rubbings of old toomb stones. At one time, my bedroom walls and ceiling were literally wallpapered with the rubbings.

But, now there are very few who use paper to wrap things for the freezer. Even the deer, duck, goose, and other hunters have quit using it. Now, they use vacuum seal bags and the like.

I called each store and spoke with someone who was an older person and knew what freezer paper was. I asked to make sure. They each went and physically looked (at least they said they did) to see if they had freezer paper.

I think I'm going to make a quick trip to Walmart and look with my own eyes!! While I am there, I will check out the foam sheets that Paul was speaking of.

Thanks a bunch for your input!! 8)

Thanks NTC. The closest Target store is about 60 miles from me. And, there are no Harris Teeter stores around that I am aware of.

Like I said, I'm going to go to Walmart and check out ther foam sheets.

Robert, you say you live in Tennessee. Did you hear about the soap convention this coming May 17th south of Nashville, in Franklin? I am coming and doing a demo on room temp goat's milk soaping and premade room temp lye solution. I'm donating a TOG 8 Wire cutter and giving discounts on future purchases to the attendees. I'm setting up as a vendor st show my complete lineup of TOG Soap Making Tools! It is going to be a lot of fun! I think that Dragonfly Princess is going! Here is the link;

Hope to see you Robert! Hey, I'm partially disabled too! :wink: