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May 1, 2008
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I seem to have a batch of soap that just won't melt. Is there a reason? I have never had a batch do this to me... It just gets to this nasty vasoline consistency that is almost impossible to stir. Any suggestions would be amazing!
I am rebatching... i was going to add some chamomile to part of this batch and i grated my beautiful soap and added some water, i heated if very slowly and came out with goo.... i still have more left to rebatch.... help?
I have a recipe posted about goatsmilk/oatmeal/honey in the soapmaking section. I listed my method for melting cp soap take a look and try it. Let me know if it helps or not. It also depends on what type of soap. GM seems to melt far quicker as opposed to castille or plain soap base. Its supposed to look like translucent soap almost like masked potatoes when you melt it down.

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