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Nov 30, 2007
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0 and a few of my friends have recently decided to open a small store where we can sell some of the crafts and different things that we do. One thing we plan to sell is of cource, soap. We've never done it before..but we're interested in making our own lye, from hickory ash. Is that uncommon in the world of boutique soaps lol.

Also, if we do decide to do hard is it to get it to stay consistant? Any information on this would be extremely helpful.

one more thing....Where do you get your lye at...its almsot impossible to find in my area???
Seth, you should try it & see how it works out. You might have good luck.

My method gave results, but the lye was of low quality with no way of knowing how much to use in a recipe.

Here's how I tried it with electralysis. ... ight=#9085

I think people freak out when you mention lye soap. Probably because people got burned with it years ago using hit & miss, and poor consistency.
I got lye at Ace Hardware Rooto brand. Lowes sells Roebic brand that's cleaner and nicer crystals. 2 lb. tall yellow & red container back in the right rear corner of the store by the plumbing.
well....say im using lye water that i would i tell if its good eneough for is there a ph it should have or something.....???

Maybe test a known solution of store bought and match your home brewed to match & try it on 2 seperate small batches. Digital pH meter.

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