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Short answer: No :)

Longer answer: Yes, but many don't consider it 'making' soap. It's called Melt & Pour. You basically melt down pre-made soap, add fragrance/colorings/et cetera, and mold.

If the above appeals to you, give it a try. If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer than that, google "cold process soapmaking" and see what you think. The lye part of things really isn't as perilous as it sounds (lots of folks are turned off by that one particular scene in Fight Club I think!) and one gets used to working with it pretty quickly.

One good page that talks in a practical manner about lye is this one:

(actually the whole Miller soap site is pretty useful with lots of great information)

Of course, feel free to ask questions here too...though you will usually find it quicker to look up the answers yourself through Google :)