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Jan 12, 2008
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Hi Everyone. I'm looking at doing a soap that looks like Liquorice. Does anybody know where I could buy the F.O or E.O that would be close enough to the smell.
Anise EO smells exactly like black liquorice. At least it does to me! Yum.

Edited because my brain is moving faster than my hands.
Thanks Sarahjane I will try it and hopefully not eat the soap :) I LOVE liquorice.
Bumping this back up.

I hear black liquorice is popular in men's products.
I think it's a hit or miss. I know men that despise black liquorice and some that love it. My X Husband loves my anise bars!
snowdrift farms

Snowdrift has a wonderful licorice. I have blended it with their satsuma, with their demeter type cake smell, and with their pumpkin spice smell. All were good but the satsuma/licorice blend was amazing.
Is the Snowdrift one a fragrance oil? I bet it smells good. I like Anise a lot.
I like to add a little black pepper EO with the anise, I think it smells more like licorice to me with the black pepper added

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