liquid soap vs hard soap (and CP vs HP)

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Sep 12, 2007
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I am aware that hard soaps use sodium hydroxide and liquid soap uses potassium hydroxide. I know CP takes longer to cure than HP soaps. It seems liquid soap is made via HP, but hard soaps can be CP or HP.

My goal is to make hard and liquid soaps (and shampoo?) using GM. But GM has a problem with heat, so how does one use that for HP soap making?

Soap is soap right? Regardless if it took sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide? So technically, you can make liquid soap out of hard soap made out of sodium hydroxide?

That is what I exactly am experimenting with right now. I made GM soap (olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and almond oil with GM, duh), which after 2-4 days, I shredded and mixed with warm water for a few hours. I only realized later HP has temperatures much higher than I used, which was about 110F. I forget the temperature for HP. So what I noticed over time is my liquid soap attempt started to saponify (correct word?). It got solid for a few, so I ended up mixing more water in. Then it went through a clear type stage. Then back to crystalized honey stage. The soap feels more mild as it progresses. (Original soap it was shredded from is now 2 weeks old.) But I notice that it still wants to keep separated.

What I wonder is this, I was reading on the processes of making liquid soap and it seems they attempt to add more lye than needed to make sure there is no left over oil not transformed. In hard soaps, it is a tendency to fatten the soaps. Liquid soaps use boric acid to neutralize the leftover lye after saponification. So what I wonder is, maybe my liquid soap attempt is as it is because I have fattened my soap. I am wondering if I do an excess instead of discount, when would I add boric acid to CP? I am tempted to see if this makes a difference on the soap. How does boric acid affect CP soaps.

Also, can GM survive the HP process or not? How do they make liquid milk soaps and milk shampoos?

Anyone here make liquid soaps? Or is there no interest in it from consumers that it is not made often?
If you have bar soap, that was made with sodium hydroxide, you cannot make liquid soap with it. At best it will become a snotty semi-liquid that would be best used as laundry soap.


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