Liquid soap going "off"

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Jan 3, 2013
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Hi. I've made several batches of liquid soap to good success, however, a recently disolved batch went "off" - changed colour to a deeper more orangey one, and took on a terrible smell (no EOs had been added to the batch) ... Smelled a bit like kerosene ...? I used a tried out recipe of olive, coconut oils and cocoa butter - 1-2% SF.
I've had problems with DOS at times in my bar soap but is it possible for liquid soap to go rancid?
I'm now worried about 6mos old undisolved paste and whether or not to dissolve more (it's been stored in a ziplock bag, most air out, and in the fridge.
Thanks for any thoughts.
I answered this on the FB group. Liquid soap can go off, just like bar soap. Rancid oil causes rancid soap.

I have stored paste and diluted soap for a very long time (one bottle of soap almost 3 years old), with no problems so far. The day is coming that I will deal with rancidity, but not yet. You need to be sure you have fresh oils to soap with.

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