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Sep 12, 2007
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I lined my wooden mold with wax paper, but it seems some of the soap has leeched through the paper (not crevices). This is especially noticed on the bottom and long side of the mold.

What would be better to line my wooden mold with so it doesn't seep through the material? How do I clean the seepage? Will it ruin my mold?

I have got to buy a mold with collapseable sides one day. But I sure do like making small batches of soaps.

This was my biggest batch yet, 1 pound of oil...HAHA
You should be using freezer paper not wax paper. Wax paper is not strong enough for either cp or mp
I line mine with freezer paper, shiny side towards the soap. No leaking. On some of my other molds with different liners the soap has leaked through but it didn't damage the mold, just scrape it off with a knife.
Okay. I thought wax paper was fine for the molds. Guess not then. I will buy some freezer paper than. Thanks.
You could also try plastic garbage bags. I used that last time. I'm having an incredible time trying to find freezer paper. No one seems to sell it anymore, which is why I used the garbage bags.
You can use Painter's Plastic.. just brush the wood with a little oil, so you can get all the wrinkles out.
Thats how I use to do it. I hate lining molds.
I am using Paul's TOG Molds now.. and only those. I got rid of all my older molds...

I will be buying more molds in early February... after the holidays slow down.. I pick back up in February for shows.. So by then hopefully I can get bigger molds from him, and a second cutter

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