LAST CALL for RELAXATION and SEAGLASS Fragrance Oil Prebuy Discounted 15%

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Jun 29, 2008
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AD: Last Call for Relaxation and Seaglass fragrance Oils

Last Call for TWO of the Soapalooza Winter Fragrance Prebuy oils! These will be ordered on Friday Jan 24, and will no longer be discounted 15% after that date! This will be the last opportunity to purchase them at the 15% off PreBuy discount. Soapalooza stateside orders ship at our flat $9.95 shipping fee also.



And remember, all Soapalooza stateside orders ship at our flat $9.95 shipping fee!

These are Cold Process, Hot Process, and Melt & Pour soap tested, as well as skin safe for cosmetics, and perfectly great in candles! These are the same fragrance oil formulas we have sold for years as well as used in our own soap manufacturing.

Kelly J. Bloom | CEO
Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio
Where we have good, clean, fun!

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