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Jul 25, 2007
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Okay, so here we go. The hotel thing? Didn't pan out. At least, not yet. THe fundraiser, I'm sorry to say, came in very small. I did, however, manage to get into a small shop in Tin City, (which is in downtown Naples), and I'm in a salon, so I guess that's something. Of course, I had to put up a display in the store, and that cost me, so it wound up being pretty much a break-even deal to start. AND I had to troll through umpteen new scents to do specialty blends for the salon, so their first order was only a VERRRY small profit, and if we consider the TIME I spent on it, I think I actually paid them! In short, I'm not ready to retire just yet, though! Good grief. It seems like right now it's just money in, money out. Can't wait till some of it actually sticks to me!

Sigh. I'm trying to stay encouraged, but sheesh. Can't wait to get a website up. I'm ready to tackle that next; the only thing I'm worried about now is shipping calculators and how to handle that. I guess I just need to leap in with both feet.

So...there's you're update! You all have been so wonderful, and I'm thrilled to have you folks to share with!

Oh...and I do have one question I just thought of. So I get this nifty little shrink wrap system. The problem is, my glycerin soaps STICK to the film, so I can't slide them around like I ought to to get good placement, and when I shrink it, it comes out wrinkly and bubbly. The plastic wrap actually looks better! BUT...with my commerical outlets, (and possibly another one on the way), I'm sure they are going to want them shrink wrapped. Would tube film work better, and can you seal the ends? I don't know. I'm sure the centerfold film will be great for crates and works like a charm for you CP'rs, but not so great for M&P--or maybe it's just the operator! :)

Soapmaker Man

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Jul 17, 2007
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SW Missouri
Well. congratulations on the new start! Wishing you continued luck.
As far as the shrink wrap thing. I shrink wrap all my soaps using shrink wrap tubing. This is 4" tubing I use. I don't need the ends sealed, as a CP soapier, it works very well for me! I've been shrink wrapping my soaps for about 2 years now. You can buy end sealers to completely seal in the soap. You start with a sealed end, place your soap in the open end, close the sealer, and ready to do another. The shrink wrap I use is 100 GA. and shrinks 40% in all directions. Hope this helps! If you need any links to clear heat shrink tubing and sealers, let me know.

Paul.... :wink: