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May 19, 2016
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North Carolina
I jumped right in last week with my questions about rain and protecting soap - happy to report I survived the weekend of 2 shows in 2 towns.

I started MP soap last year as a way to get people to stop at my table so I could introduce them to my nonprofit, The Shore Grief Center. It worked! But now I have two businesses to manage :mrgreen: I tell people that creating soap is my stress reliever and it is!

Shore Soap mostly consists of soap that's reminiscent of a trip to the beach. There are mermaids, shells, shrimp, etc. all fragranced with beach-y fragrance oils. Even when I add other shapes and colors, the beach soaps still sell the best! I also make rubber duckie soaps floating on a bit of water soap. Kids love 'em!

I live north of Raleigh in NC with my husband and sweet doggie, Sheila. We lost our son to suicide 11 years ago. Thus created The Shore Grief Center to help others grieving a death by any means. I also published a book and am a public speaker. Yep - I stay busy - but LOVE IT!:wave:

Carolyn Zahnow / Shore Soap / Benefiting the Shore Grief Center
on FB: shoregriefsoap, the shore grief center, Carolyn Sorrell Zahnow
Shoresoap, I am so glad to read that your shows went well. I loved my first visit to NC when I was in my 20's. My bf at the time was in the 101st Airborne & he took me around and showed me the sights and it was great to see Fort Bragg, where he trained. It was my first time ever to the East Coast and I have learned to love the Carolinas. My husband & I took my granddaughter to Raleigh, where she first ate alligator. A memorable trip.

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