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Jun 11, 2008
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I guess it would go here.....

If someone emailed you and asked "what size soap mold do you prefer"? What would you say....

Here it is....

slab mold equals X amount of bars and # of oils
log mold equals X amount of bars and # of oils

How would you answer this?
I think it would depend on how large your batches are. Some folks make 2# while others make much larger batches.

OK....If someone emailed you and said

....I'm doing a survey on the types and sizes of molds you use to make soap.
If you use a slab mold would you prefer a mold that provides 8, 16, 24, 32, or 40 bars per slab?
If you use a log mold how large would you like it to be? One that offers 2, 4, 7, 9 or XXX in the pounds department?

What would your answer be? What do you prefer?

How's that?

WooHoo! I've had three cups of coffee by now, so it makes more sense :wink:

2 pound log mold. :) or an even 8 pound slab mold.
Interesting questions Anhoki. :wink: I wonder that also. I also wonder if people like to make their own liners, or, have linerless molds?
Wellllllll, I love my 2lb TOG molds <waving at Paul>, because I can do lots of different batches.

I hate to line molds!! My TOG molds are lined, & I bought lining material at the craft fair to line my first mold, the one DH made. Freezer paper creeps me out!! :lol:
I don't like to line molds - I get frustrated and never seem to get a smooth edge.......then I have to tidy up my soaps :? I don't have the patience!!

I'm currently using a 1.5 kilogram log mold (don't know how many pounds that is)

I'd like to try a slab mold with dividers and do lovely swirls LOL. Maybe one day.......

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