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Jan 3, 2016
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Like many this week, I received some roses. Instead of watching them slowly wilt I would like to infuse the roses and later make a lotion or something. After looking up the best oils to use I've come across the issue of pesticides.

Does anyone have a method of "washing"" rose petals so I don't end up infusing pesticides into my lotion?
Maybe try washing it like you do the vegetables? Multiple washes with dish/ vegetable detergent and baking soda might help scrubbing unwanted stuff out?
I've only used roses from my own garden for infusion, so no pesticides. But I do wash them in plain water first if I notice bugs and such. I just soak them in a sinkful of water, then spread them out to dry on paper towels or tea towels. Then I put them in a low-temp oven to dry the rest of the way just like when drying herbs.

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