Infusing Olive Oil: Properties & Scent

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Jun 28, 2021
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I just found out that you can use infused olive oil for soap making and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the herbal properties of the infusion survive the saponification process? I'd be talking in CP. Also does the scent of the herbs survive enough to scent the soap?
If you want any sort of properties to be in your soap, add the infused oil as a superfat to an HP batch. CP soap, by its nature, you have way less control of what the lye eats up and not. As for the scent, use an FO or EO if you wan some scent to your soap. infused oils rarely leave a scent behind.
HP isn't that bad. Sure, you might have to cure your soap a little longer but that's a minor thing. All you need is just an extra part water to your water:lye ratio and something cover the top of a stainless steel pot or a slowcooker and you have it made. You'd also have a leg up if you ever needed to rebatch.