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Jan 3, 2008
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I posted this on another forum thinking that I was here. So I will post it here too. So this Friday I will have about $400 to spend on soaping stuff. I am so excited about this can't ya tell!! I would be able to spend a bit more, but I am saving that up for a few select TOG items! LOL So I have to ask all you wonderful people on here...What would you get? I'm talking about the fun stuff not the essential equipment because I already have just about all of that and if I don't it is on it's way already. I decided that I want to get some of the vanilla stabilizer from BCN and of course, I HAVE to get the Pink Sugar FO because no one seems to NOT like that one. I was also thinking about getting some Tussah silk fibers as well, but after that, I am not too sure. I have been known to be a bit of a impulse shopper, and I don't want to end up with a bunch of stuff that I won't use or don't really need since I am only soaping for two...KWIM?

So what would it be if it were you what kind of the following would you get?

equipment (except for a beveler, I already know I am getting one of Paul's)

And where would I get it all from?
Hi and Congrats! You're going to love soapmaking!

I find Palm, lard, coconut and Olive oils locally and less expensive than online. Some are able to find Rice bran locally too. A health food shop where I live has Avacado, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed but the price is higher than online. But get as much locally as you can to save on shipping.

If you're a candle maker - start with skin safe fragrances you already have while you are learning the process. You are bound to have a few botched batches early on and you don't want to risk wasting spendy EOs on your first few batches.

I would also get some Shea Butter and Cocoa butter - but again - start with a very easy recipe first - then go for the good stuff.

Coloring is a matter of taste. I use BC gel tones and like them most of the time - but I also like herbal colorants.

Get a good scale that measures in grams. Measuring in grams is much more accurate when dealing with lye than ounces is. The standard rate for FO is .7 oz which works out to 20g. Your scale should be able to handle heavier weights too.

I would save some of your money the first few times around to use later. Use grocery store oils or whatever your beginner recipe calls for. Once you have made several batches you will have a much better idea as to what you want to purchase.

But most of all - HAVE A BLAST!
Cool, thanks! I agree with the above mentioned items. A good digital scale is an absolute necessity. There was a link recently about Ole Will Knot in Oklahoma, great supplier! When your ready, TOG will be there!

Paul... :) :)
Um.......dang I wouldn't know what to do with all that money all at once!


Anywho, yep I would do the shea butter, maybe containers to put everything in. Of course that would depend on what you are making. Don't forget lables and tags.

Hey can I get a loan :roll:
When I first turned soap making into a business I got a loan and spent $900 on crap! I'm talking FO, colorants, unneeded equipment, oils I never used and so on.

I started making soap (that are still in my line) that were great soaps but not as natural as I would like so I'm converting them from FOs to EOs. Pink Sugar is a good scent and people like it so get that if you'd like. I'm trying to go 100% natural and get ride of FOs. If I were you, I'd get more EO than FOs. JMO

EO's : Get all the classics. Lavender, Patchouli, Tea Tree...
FO's : Pink sugar is good.
Oils : Whatever your recipe calls for
Butters : Shea, Mango, Cocoa...
colors : I only color soap naturally; honey, cinnamon, clays...I think you can get mineral colorants too.
clays : French clays are awesome
equipment : I make my own molds and cutters, saves money (well actually hubby makes them) All I buy are pots and new stick blenders when old ones die.
Thanks so much for all the great advice! Probably the best advice I got of course was to save money until I have it more down first and I probably will. Dragonfly - that is why I asked, because I would spend it all at once without even thinking first. :p Since I am nowhere near starting a business, I would like to keep it simple, but there are so many fun things that I want to try I need you all to help me keep myself in check! I can just see piles of soap in every corner of my apartment otherwise! LOL

I did order a good amount of Shea, but I also use that on my hair and skin so I know that won't go to waste. But OK I will follow the KISS principal and go for just a few items since I asked for advice! :oops: I will let you all know what I got this weekend.
I posted this elsewhere

Marr: what are BC gel tones? I looked on Bittercreek but did not find this.
I posted this elsewhere

Thank you, FSowers!

I don't know how I missed this on the BitterCreek site. Well, that site is visual overload...!!!
My inner impulse shopper is saying to me right now..."Why didn't you just PM Dragonfly dummy?!!?" LOL :D

Hmmmm...let's see:

A digital soap scale (I have the MyWeigh KD7000 and it's GREAT!)
Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters
Some Brambleberry and/or Sweet Cakes FOs
TOG Molds (forgot!)

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