"I Haz a Sad" doesn't cover it

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Aug 26, 2015
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
I'm heartbroken today. My 18 y.o. grandson died yesterday. It looks like suicide, or an assisted suicide and an OD (his roommate). There is a back story. In July 2014, he broke his neck in a diving accident, a 16 y.o. being a typical show off 16 y.o.

We're not in the same town; we're 4 hours away from most of my family.

Right now, not much seems important... except family.
That is sad beyond words! I'm so sorry for your loss. May his soul rest in peace. Sending wishes for peace and strength your way.
There are no words, Misschief. "I'm so sorry" just doesn't touch the grief one feels when a family member is lost. It's much bigger when that person is SO young. You're in my prayers, Misschief.
How truly awful. So sorry for your loss, Misschief. My thoughts are with you.
Omg I'm so sorry Misschief. My heart goes out to you and family. I'm so sorry. :(
Sorry for your loss. I can't begin to imagine how you and your family must feel. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.
I'm so sorry to hear that! Words fail at times like these. You and your family and in my thoughts and prayers.

IrishLass :(
I wish there were words to help. As KristaY said, "I am so Sorry" just does not help much. Nothing but time helps and then it only eases the pain.Such a tragedy's are hard to understand and accept. Peaceful thoughts for all of you.
Very sorry. I have been through a suicide, although under much different circumstances. I hope you can understand his actions in some small way, even though it will never make sense.
You and your family are in my prayers, Misschief. :::::hugs and love:::::