I HATE Gremlins & Naughty FO's


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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
I hate it when I have a plan and it goes to **LL in a handbasket. I was going to make a nice pumpkin eggnog with an eggnog fo that is supposed to just turn a light tan. Nothing mentioned about it heating severely and ricing. Hateful Hateful Hateful....makes me so maaaaaddd, and I hate hp just as much. Had to dump the mess in the crock pot and hp it back together. Yuck I also forgot to mention it heated up so badly it scorched my eggnog and few oz of coconut milk. On top of that I do not like the fo, but what is going to save the color is I smell Whiskey, which as we know goes in eggnog. So it is going to become Whisky-ed Nog.

If I had know it was a heater I would have used everything chilled, but no we would not want to divulge such info and this supplier is pretty good about posting info on the fragrances. On top of all that it gave me a frick'en headache :mad:
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