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Jul 17, 2007
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currently Sicily, Italy (Navy base)
Ok, now that I'm doing M&P much more often, I feel I cannot occupie have of my kitchen any longer and should move into the garage!
My question is though: Can I? Reason I ask is that it's quite humid in our garage; at least right now at this time of the year. (In the winter it'll be just freezing cold :lol: )

Since I'm still somewhat of a newbie when it comes to M&P I'd appreciate if you pros could give me any advice b4 I actually start arranging stuff around to get a 'soaping corner' for myself.

Thank you! :D
You may need to purchase a humidifier because i think it will get pretty hot in the garage. but then again I live in an apartment!
Muggy will give you sticky icky soap. Even inside w/ the air on in TX I have sticky icky soap days!