How do you prepare/mix you lye solution?

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Dec 9, 2014
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Athens, Greece (Very Hard Water)
Well I've been soaping for 11 months now and I've used various ways in order to mix water & NaOH.

Firstly I begun with masterbatching 50% Lye solution. It was an easy way to use it every time I need it.

Later on I started making the lye solution every time I made a soap. I was making the lye solution in a KARTELL plastic vessel but the temperature that NaOH and water were creating was not falling too fast although the vessel was in a cold water bath. Then I read that a stainless steel vessel can help in transfering the temperature more easily. And it was true, the temperature was falling really fast, compared with the plastic vessel, in its cold water bath.

Then some little nice information came from DeeAnna about NaOH being very hygroscopic in both dry and liquid state, so I started thinking of ways to minimize the time that the lye solution would have air contact. I started making the lye solution inside transparent yogurt plastic bowls with their lids on top. But I needed bigger bowls so I recently bought these mixing cups:


They can be found in shops that sell colors and are used in order to mix and store them and are PP(5). They come in various sizes and have a lid that fits tight.

So I can see when all the NaOH is dissolved I then close its lid and I worry lesser about carbon dioxide until I mix it with the oils. I can also refrigerate it without any worries about exhalation inside the fridge.

So how/where do you create your lye solution?



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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
I masterbatch mine 50/50 and mix it up in one of the following PP #5 pitchers made by Rubbermaid: .

Once all is dissolved, I cover it with its matching lid and let it cool down. Then once completely cooled off, I transfer it to a tightly covered HDPE #2 container with a drip-free pour spout like this:

I really like how clear your PP #5 mixing containers are.....and the fact that they come with matching lids is a plus. If I made my lye fresh for every batch of soap, I'd definitely look into finding something like them. :thumbup:

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Nov 6, 2010
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I use my empty Essential Depot round 2# containers for mixing it. The containers are tall and i don't make big batches at all so I can swirl the mixture around easily to make certain the lye is getting mixed in. I had it happen in the past that I didn't stir it immediately and got lye settled on the bottom in a flat sheet that was very difficult to see. The bottles come with caps, so I can minimize contact with the air. I make my lye per batch.


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Feb 23, 2015
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Near beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada
I mix my lye solution in a plastic bowl from the dollar store. I don't masterbatch, so while my lye is cooling I measure and melt the oils, mix color, measure fo, etc.
Maybe do a load of laundry too!:razz:

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